Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Unicorn, Dear Lord, The Unicorn!

So... I don't know exactly what to say about the instance in the book in which the unicorn dies. It affected me in... numerous ways. Upon finishing the passage, I was unable to put the book down until I'd finished it; I felt nauseous. I feel, in writing this, unable to recount the actual passage, or even bring myself to take a quote from it. All I can say is that great art makes you feel some way, and this book is great art.


nsj said...

Yeah, the unicorn...never have I been so traumatized by words on a page. Findley has a terrifying ability to find depths of [in]humanity. This brutal death is so much more affecting, so much more about the true death of innocence, than eating some silly apple in a garden.

Kickin'Chicken said...

roadkill makes me feel nauseous too. Might this whole unicorn thing just be an extremely perverted case of bestiality or something else many countries would have an author stoned for? What separates this kind of nauseous from the roadkill nauseous? Is there a motif - like maybe the loss of innocence - that really is illuminated in this instance?