Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lucifer and Yaweh

Mr. Findely has a wonderful take on the contrasts between God and Satan. God is an old, senile and enfeebled man who talks on and on and isn't interesting. His senility is betrayed in his rambling phrases like: "We are now the object of the world's derision... Mocked and scorned in the streets. Attacked. We cannot say... We cannot say...". Yaweh is more worthy of pity than reverance in this story, and his value system (akin to Noah's) is not at all endearing.
Lucy, the cross-dressing witty magician with a sense of what it is to be human is an infinitely more likeable character. The witticisms, the hilarious allusions that Mr. Findely throws in are marvelous. "I've always enjoyed the depths." and"Cozy as a fireplace..." made me laugh out loud. Mr. Findely has a way of making the "dark side" look much nicer than the alternative.

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Kickin'Chicken said...

The tone of your blogging is great - simple, but you get the point across by making the reader think. For example, "Lucy? oh - as in Lucifer."

I am frightened and intrigued by this book, and I guess that is the lustre of the darkside you refered to.