Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Apologia Outline- Suggestions Please!!!

Thesis: Timothy Findley’s Not Wanted on the Voyage is a comprehensive cogitation of humanity in all times and places. It is at once tragic, hilarious, touching and base; it is among the greatest works of fiction to grace Canadian literature.

I. Introduction
A. Timothy Findely
B. Not Wanted on the Voyage
C. Thematic depth
D. Timelessness
E. Thesis
II. Timothy Findely
A. Biography
B. Other books
C. Not Wanted on the Voayge
III. Not Wanted on the Voyage
A. Brief synopsis
B. Character interactions
C. Interpretive changes to archetypal story
D. World-wide appeal due to thematic depth
IV. Thematic Depth
A. Boundaries of time and place and their adverse affects on behaviour
B. Guardedness and Openess
C. Isolation and the disintegration of the personality
D. Love and humanity as reproachable
E. Society and decorum as the highest value
F. Abandonement of man by God
G. Truths hidden by historical recording
H. Good and Evil as a gray scale and not black or white
I. The timelessness of the themes
V. Timelessness
A. A comprehensive list of other works, throughout time, which have expressed the themes contained within "Not Wanted on the Voyage".
VI. Conclusion
A. The story as unique
B. The story as archetypal
C. The story as timless
D. The story as deep
E. The story as worth reading

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